The STARCC Raving Mad House is the creation of brothers Charles & Sam Lambert. We are an annual haunted house sponsored by St. Andrew's R.C. Church in Sloan, NY. We are in our 10th year of operation in 2019. Everything is done completely by volunteers who have a passion for Halloween! We have a mix of props, live actors, sound effects, and fog and strobe lights creating our creepy environment! We are constantly making improvements to the house to provide the best and scariest experience for our guests!! Plans are always in the works to make next year bigger and better!!!

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The Horror and Halloween Search Engine
By:Nicole Gawel
Date: Wednesday October 19, 2011
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In an old church school building, tucked away within the roads of the Village of Sloan stands the STARCC Raving Mad House, a haunted house for all ages. The STARCC Raving Mad House, which stands for St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church, is operating in its second year from 6 to 10 p.m. every weekend, Friday through Sunday, in October. It is located in
​St. Andrew’s building No. 1, at the corner of Crocker and Gierlach streets in Sloan.

Walk through the haunted house, if you dare, which includes a funeral parlor, the surgeon of death’s room, an electric chair, the butcher room, a pumpkin patch, and the swamp, to name a few. Roughly 15 actors each night scare the living yell out of all who dare enter the haunted house, which has chain saws, a jumping creature made from an old rowing exercise machine, strobe lights and fog machines, and emergency exits for chickens.

The swamp room also boasts of a shaky bridge that is great fun to cross and natural leaves, plants and trees to give attendees the feel and smell of a real, natural swamp. Young and old will enjoy the Crystal Beach inspired barrel room.

The haunted house was the brainchild of brothers, Charles and Sam Lambert with the help of Nadine Anderson and Charles’ wife, Kathy, and countless volunteers. The four coordinate the house. Before St. Andrew’s venue, the Lambert’s would host a haunted house on their front lawn.

The electric chair, the creature made out of the rowing machine, and shaky bridge were made by the Lambert brothers.

“You can make anything out of anything as long as you have an imagination,” said Charles.

Setup takes a month before STARCC Raving Mad House opens and deconstruction is roughly a month as well. Throughout October, when the haunted house is open, changes are constant to keep it fresh and fun. Things are moved and rearranged all of the time.

“Sam and I and a couple of other people sit around and discuss what we’re going to do for the haunted house,” said Charles. “We come up with the ideas, share our ideas and then create it.”

Coming up with the ideas for the rooms are extremely easy.

“Charles lives, sleeps, eats and breathes Halloween,” said Kathy.

His favorite scary movie is Halloween.

“Halloween set the stage for all scary movies,” said Charles. “That was the marker scary movie. Everyone tries to go back to that movie and do that and it’s really hard to accomplish that. There is some fresh stuff today, but a lot of it isn’t.”

Not only do the four coordinators contribute to the ideas, but also the volunteers are encouraged to add their ideas and get in on the fun allowing the Lamberts to see things from a different point of view.

Even though this haunting season still is going on, the Lamberts are already deciding and creating rooms for next year.

“We eliminated rooms from last year and we’ll keep doing that and adding new rooms because we don’t want people to say, ‘Oh, I saw that last year,’” said Kathy.

Charles talked about last year having a fortuneteller start the haunted house, predicting what would happen to the participants.

“When you see that it’s in a church, you think it’s not going to be really scary,” said Charles. “We tell them at the door it’s scary and don’t get us wrong, just because it’s in a church doesn’t mean it’s going to be Disneyland.”

On average, about 50 people come through the haunted house each night it is open.

It’s up to the parents’ discretion in allowing their children to walk the haunted house. The Lamberts have seen kids as young as 2 years old not be scared, but some teenagers have been known to use the chicken doors before completing the entire house.

If parents bring their children and they do become scared, the actors will calm the children down and accommodate if need be. Last week, the Lamberts asked the actors to not scare the kids, to stay put and allowed a family to walk through so that they could take in all of the scenes, after their children wanted no part in the horror filled features. The parents will be returning on their own for a good scare fest though.

“We’re not just here to scare the living yell out of you,” said Charles. “We want the kids to be able to enjoy the experience and say to their friends I went through this really scary haunted house.”

Children are rewarded for completing the house with a sticker, a trophy Charles explains, that they can show their friends that they accomplished the STARCC Raving Mad House. There are warning signs posted for those who get seizures, have epilepsy, or asthma because strobe lights and fog machines are used throughout the haunted house.

Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. All of the proceeds go to St. Andrew’s Church.

“If it wasn’t for Father Fabian Maryanski giving us the opportunity to do this in this building we wouldn’t be able to do this,” said Charles. “The church does a lot for us so it’s nice to give back. Also the volunteers do a tremendous job.”

“Father Fabian is letting the Lambert brothers fulfill their dream and in turn we’re all helping the church,” added Kathy.

The first year raised more than $3,000 for St. Andrew’s.

Donations of a non-perishable food item will reduce the admission by $1.

This year, Anderson and Kathy will be using the non-perishable food donations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets that are giving out to the less fortunate families in the St. Andrew’s community.

For more information, visit, call 892-0425, or visit them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts by typing in “STARCC Raving Mad House.”
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Days and Hours of Operation for 2019
Donation for Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children 12 & Under
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