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September -2014

Hello all my goblins & ghouls, we're getting ready for the season, hope you are too. This year's event features new & unexpected scares for those who dare, you'll be upside down and turned round & round, lost in the fog, frightened in the dark, screaming & crying as you search for a way out.

We look forward to seeing you, while your looking behind you.....
It won't be long til we scare you there.

Oct 18,2014
HI Ghouls & Goblins, were in week 3 and its been awesome so far. The house effects are good, the actors are great, but its the patrons who make it all worthwhile. Seeing that smile or hearing that scream lets us know that their getting everything they came to the haunted house for. Thanks for sharing the frightening times, looking forward to scaring some more.