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September 2017

Greetings my ghouls and goblins ......................
           Sorry we haven't updated the website until now.  But we have been busy "out of our minds" (and bodies).  As I am sure you know, life does not stop for anyone including us.  It is always a mystery and adventure and you never know which way it will go.  Now that we are on our way, in a short time we will all be together again to share what we love and live for, and to answer that elusive question:  "What lies behind the door, around the corner, or 'who or what is that behind you'"?   Perhaps we will find out these answers starting Friday, October 6th when the doors to the "Mad House" are cracked open letting you in and letting them out.  We have changed, re-arranged, added, subtracted, and did some things that are strange to make it a fun, frightful, and memorable time for all. ​​ Look for us over your shoulder every Fri & Sat 6pm-10pm, and (new time) on Sun 4pm-8pm during the month of October starting Fri Oct 6th to Sun Oct 29th.

As always all proceeds go to St. Andrew's Church.  And remember to bring a non-perishable food item and receive $1 off admission. Group rates are available please call ahead.

"Just can't wait to scare you there"