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September -2015

Hello all my goblins & ghouls, we're getting ready for the season, hope you are too. This year's event features new & unexpected scares for those who dare, you'll be upside down and turned round & round, lost in the fog, frightened in the dark, screaming & crying as you search for a way out.

We look forward to seeing you, while your looking behind you.....
It won't be long til we scare you there.

Hello Ghouls & Goblins,
Special Halloween Night Price $3 for Adults, $2 for kids (12 &under)

Due to price reduction the discount for non-perishable items will not apply.
But if you choose to bring an item it will be greatly appreciated. This a One Night Special Event pricing, as a Halloween Treat to you.
Thank you very much for the awesome time this year. Look forward to Halloween Night with you, "We'll Scare You There".